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Religious Wedding in Rome

The religious wedding is chosen by the couple to join for life according to their Catholic faith, obtaining, at the same time, also the civil effects because the rite celebrated by a priest is registered and valid for the state law.

In the city of Rome, capital of Italy, it will be easy for couples find the church they desire for their religious wedding, being the choice very wide and the charm of each one indisputable.

It is impossible to know the exact number of churches in Rome, because they are very many, there are certainly several hundred of different ages and testimony of history, art and culture, someone are the great basilicas famous throughout the world, others are smaller basilicas and smaller churches like those Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, eighteenth and nineteenth century.

Whatever the chosen church, our agency of wedding planner in Rome will think to organize everything to make your day unforgettable, with ability to customize the floral decoration and every other detail required.

Please, contact our agency My Wedding in Rome, we'll give you precious suggestions according to your tastes, moreover it will be our task to manage the bureaucratic process, helping you for the presentation of your documents.

We recommend to start organizing the wedding about 4/5 months before the wedding day, but not much earlier, because the documents have an expiry date of six months.

Mausoleum of St. Costanza

Mausoleum of St. Costanza

The Mausoleum of Constantina, known as the Mausoleum of St. Costanza, is a small church where you can celebrate the religious wedding in Rome, located inside the monumental complex of St. Agnese, located in Via Nomentana in Rome, it is not very bright but it is surely impressive and mysterious.

The mausoleum was built in the early fourth century by Constantina, daughter of Emperor Constantino, and became a baptistery dedicated to St. Agnese in the seventh century, it was later transformed into a church in the year 1254 AD and dedicated to St. Costanza.

Perhaps due to its circular shape covered by a dome or for the intimacy created, this is the preferred church by couples for the celebration of religious wedding in Rome.

Basilica of St. Teresa D’Avila

Basilica of St. Teresa D’Avila

St. Teresa D'Avila is one of the minor basilicas of Rome, located in Corso d'Italia, dedicated to the Spanish saint who founded the Order of Discalced Carmelites.

The basilica was built in neo-romantic style and was inaugurated in 1902 AD, then it was restored several times, it has three naves and a groin vault ceiling and externally a bell tower 40 meters high with a clock.

For lovers of the bas-reliefs and the symbolism, represented in the entrance portal, this is certainly the perfect place to celebrate the religious wedding in Rome.

Basilica of St. Bartolomeo all’Isola

Basilica of St. Bartolomeo all'Isola

St. Bartolomeo all'Isola is one of the minor basilicas of Rome, known for its location in the middle of Tiber river, on Tiber Island between Trastevere and the Jewish Quarter, a wonderful scenery for your religious wedding in Rome.

It was built in 998 AD to house the relics of two martyrs, including St. Bartolomeo the Apostle to whom is dedicated the basilica and whose body is kept in the main altar.

In 1993 the basilica was entrusted to the Community of St. Egidio, so now it is a place full of meetings, enlivened by universitary and high school student who gather to pray and to work in favor of the most needy and poor people.

For couples looking for strong emotions in a particular and unique place, this is the best choice to get married.

St. Peter’s Basilica

St. Peter's Basilica is located in Vatican City State, the smallest independent state in the world, both for the number of inhabitants and the territorial extension.

Famous worldwide because it is the seat of the Pope that governs it, it is surely a fascinating and unforgettable place where you can celebrate the religious wedding and represents the biggest dream for a couple.

In the basilica there are several chapels, but only in the Choir Chapel the marriage can be celebrated, it is rich in decorations in gilded stucco and antique chairs with beautiful inlays representing biblical scenes.

The bride and groom will say their "Yes" to the presence of friends and relatives, but also in the sight of pilgrims and tourists from all over the world who flock to the Basilica throughout the year.

Abbey of St. Andrea in Flumine

Abbey of St. Andrea in Flumine

The Abbey of St. Andrea in Flumine is located a few kilometers from Rome, in a charming and mysterious setting, in the eighth century was the seat of Benedictine monks who were engaged here in their daily activities.

The church is consecrated and dates from the fifteenth century, built in Romanesque style, rich in precious frescoes, mosaics and granite columns, has a large surrounding garden where you can welcome friends and relatives in the wedding day.

For those looking for an intimate and simple ceremony, but at the same time in an environment rich in art, this is the right place to get married.

Church of St. Maria in Aracoeli

Church of St. Maria in Aracoeli

The Church of St. Maria in Aracoeli is located on the Capitoline Hill, where in the year 343 BC there was the temple of Giunone Moneta, centrally located near the Vittoriano and Campidoglio.

The church was built in Romanesque style, the time is uncertain, but is thought to have been founded in 590 AD by Gregory the Great.

Its staircase is considered "Holy Staircase" because it is thought that go up the stair on their knees is miraculous, but the church is famous also for the wooden sculpture of the "Holy Child" baptized in the Jordan River, which according to the people has miraculous powers to resurrect the dead and heal the serious sicks.

For its central location, near the most famous monuments of ancient Rome, and for its impressive staircase, it is one of the most requested by the couple for the celebration of religious ritual and for wonderful photos that will frame the memories of that day for all the life.

Basilica of Saint Sabina

The Basilica of Saint Sabina on the Aventine Hill is one of the couples' favorites for the celebration of a Catholic wedding in Rome and, being very large, it can accommodate a large number of guests during the religious function.

It is one of the minor basilicas of Rome as well as one of the oldest and most well preserved, built between 422 and 440 on the tomb of Saint Sabina, near an ancient temple dedicated to the goddess Juno.

The church has no facade and has smooth external walls and large windows, it is accessed from a portico with three arches, inside there is the quadrangular cloister with galleries on all four sides with multi-lancet windows supported by marble columns.

Next to the church there is the Orange Garden, whose name derives from the presence of numerous orange plants, an ideal place for some souvenir photos of your wedding in Rome.

Basilica of Saints John and Paul

La Basilica of Saints John and Paul on the Caelian Hill is one of the most spectacular and stunning churches in Rome, one of the most sumptuous and sought after by spouses for the celebration of a Catholic wedding, an architectural jewel dating back to 398 and restored in the following centuries, later become the burial place of John and Paul martyrs.

Suitable for weddings with numerous guests thanks to its very large internal space, it is also called the Church of the Chandeliers due to the presence of numerous crystal chandeliers placed in the central nave, offering a spectacular effect of lights that illuminate the path towards the altar.

Its privileged position in the heart of the Caelian district and near Villa Celimontana, a park much loved by the Romans, allows the bride and groom a splendid photo shoot in the beauty of the Aventine and Palatine hills, the heart of the historic center of Rome with the Imperial Forums and the Colosseum in the background.