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Services of our wedding agency

Have you decided the date and place for your wedding? Good, the most is done!

In this section we describe the core services of our wedding planner in Rome, which will help you to get to the fateful yes without stress, solving all the bureaucratic and organizational problems of a marriage abroad.

Choose the services you want for your special day and our agency My Wedding in Rome will think about the rest.

If you wish to plan your wedding with a precise idea, we can realize your dream by following all the indications you provide us, alternatively we have created customizable exclusive packages.



The preparation of documents and bureaucratic procedures in Italy are the first step in the organization of the big day. We will take care of this, because we are specialized in weddings for people from all over the world.

Choosing our agency you will not have to worry about anything and you will receive our best suggestions for everything.

Wedding dresses

Wedding dresses

The choice of the wedding dress for the couple represents an important and exciting step in the preparations for wedding, both for bride and groom.

Especially the bride, fussy and with the idea of a dream dress, can choose between several colours such as white, cream, colourful tints, and a short or long dress, with or without a veil. In any case the choice will be cured respecting her style that reflects her personality and the theme of the wedding day.

The groom will have from us the same attention in this regard, care will be taken for the choise of his suit and every detail, so that he will be elegant and in tune with the bride.

It will be a pleasure to give you our suggestions and accompany you personally in the most prestigious bridal shops in Rome and surroundings.

The Wedding Banquet

Wedding Banquet

The weather in Rome is generally warm and sunny all year round, so you can organize the wedding banquet in one of the many terraces where you can admire the beauty of the eternal city.

The couple can choose between an infinite number of locations, such as a beach restaurant that becomes even more romantic at the sunset, or a typical restaurant in the center of Rome, a classic tavern in Trastevere with music of violin and mandolin, a castle, old villa, or a historic dwelling.

Depending on the location chosen, we will assist you in the preparation of the wedding banquet, the choice of menu and the wedding cake, the seating arrangement for guests and the tableau made in the theme of the all wedding day.

Photos and videos

Photos and videos for wedding

The wedding day will remain forever etched in the memories of the couple and it is necessary to have a flawless photo shoot made by professionals, to relive that fantastic day every moment.

Each photographer tries to capture in his shots the beauty of the newlyweds and the highlights of their best day, so it remains unforgettable forever in the memories.

Our photographers are experienced partners in making photos and videos, you can choose from several photo shoots, such as videos on CD or photo books or classic albums, in any case we will send you all as soon as they are ready.

Party favors and sugared almonds

Party favors and sugared almonds

On the wedding day, it is customary surprising family and friends with a small gift in memory of the newlyweds.

In particular in Italy the bride and groom give to their families and friends some wedding favors and sugared almonds, which represent a gift for all guests present at the wedding and for those who could not attend the event.

Wedding favors can be of different types, but usually you choose between small objects made in silver, porcelain or glass, they are personalized and reminder of couple that is getting married.

Sugared almonds, very famous in Italy and called "confetti", are small sweets in different flavors, classic stuffed with almond or chocolate, or other variants with pistachios, hazelnuts or other, they are packed in small pouches or little boxes and contain a small ticket with names of newlyweds and the wedding date.

Hairdresser and esthetician

Hairdresser and esthetician

On the best day for the bride and groom, it is very important to have a perfect and flawless hairstyle, this will be possible by relying on the imagination and experience of professional hairdressers who process hairstyle and solutions for all types of hair.

Curly or straight, pulled back in a chignon, with flowers, crown or veil, it is important that you match the hairstyle of the bride to her dress, in addition to one's personality, making her the most beautiful and fascinating on the wedding day.

Our hairdressers and estheticians may work directly in the place where you want or in a hotel, and they can suggest you the most harmonious and professional solution.

Flowers and decorations

Flowers and decorations

Flowers are an indispensable part in the wedding day and will be present from the start to finish. The choise of flouwers is important and should not be underestimated.

The language of flowers and their meaning will communicate to all present the emotions and feelings of the newlyweds.

Usually the choice is between different seasonal flowers and the favourite colour is traditionally white, but increasingly there is a tendency to use pastel colours.

The bouquet is always very personal, whose meaning suits the brides personality and its beauty in tune with the bridal dress.

Our agency will take care of the bouquet, decorations in the church or in the town hall, at the restaurant and for the wedding car.

Wedding rings

wedding rings

Made in white or yellow gold, or in platinum, with diamond or not, rings can never fail on such an important day, because with the wedding rings the newlyweds swear their love and loyalty for life.

Everyone knows that the ring must be put on the ring finger of the left hand, but few people know the reason: on this finger there is a small vein called "amoris vein", which goes straight to the heart.

Luxury car, vintage car and coach

Luxury car, vintage car and coach

Our agency My Wedding in Rome, among its suppliers, has some of the best rental companies in Rome, with a wide selection of exclusive cars with professional and experienced drivers.

We can offer vintage cars, modern and luxury cars, limos, or arrange a luxury coach for the transportation of your guests, or drive a Vespa scooter as in the film "Vacanze Romane".

How would you like to reach the altar? Choose your favourite vehicle and we will make the booking for you!

Additional services

Music and entertainment - activities for children - guided tour of Roma - carriage with horses - wedding invitations - wedding cake - flight of the doves.