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This section included some reviews of our spouses! In addition, on Google Plus you can consult others reviews about marriages organized by our wedding agency.

Susan and Bradlley

wedding Susan e Bradlley

Eva is an amazing wedding planner! I was really nervous about planning a wedding in another country at first but after emailing back and forth with Eva I felt more relaxed. Eva will explain you every step of the process.

She was very professional, kind, and quick to respond to my emails. She will make sure you will have the wedding of your dreams! I would recommend her to anyone looking to get married in Italy.

Diana and Peter

wedding in Rome Diana a Peter

When I recall our wedding in Rome, I can hear quite clearly voices of the crowd, shouting: Best wishes! All the best! It was for me the biggest surprise when we walked the Saint Peter square and for the moment became "the roman attraction".

I guess, almost everybody who met us in the street, offered congratulations, completely unknown people honked on us, and shouted with the smile and joy. I felt the fellowship and even that the entry into the marriage life is here considered with the big joy and great respect, in a word for Italians the wedding of even the unknown is the celebration.

In the beginning we thought of the wedding in Verona. But our wedding coordinator quickly pursuaded us - when the wedding in Italy, so has to be definitely in Rome - this is the town of weddings and dreams!

When my friends asked me after the return from the wedding whether it was exactly as I had dreamed of, I replied: I guess, I would have even never ever dreamed of the wedding like this. Surely, I knew that it was going to be a little bit adventure and even Rome itself was the guarantee of a certain dose of romance. But I had no idea that it would be so perfect.

It was created by the atmosphere of the town itself which you could feel immediately after the arrival to Rome. Air, sun and sounds of the streets here are different. We had a wonderful priest, Mr. rector Mraza who gave the magnificent sermon. The closest relatives were with us - our daughter and parents - and they intensified the atmosphere, by their feelings and by that as they themselves lived over that moment.

But the most crucial was that this whole magnificent event had been perfectly prepared and organized. Mrs. Eva is a wonderful, friendly, obliging person who can manage even the impossible. The wedding took place in the church of St. Constance which was recommended to us and organized by Mrs. Srovnalikova.

It is very old small church with the intimate atmosphere and is exceptional by its round ground view. I can really sincerely declare that I enjoyed the wedding in Rome thoroughly, what is more, with all that apply and that it was a big experience for the whole family.

Valery and Milfa

wedding Valery and Milfa

It was not the wedding, it was a rhapsody and all this thanks to Mrs. Eva Ludmila Srovnalíková, the coordinator of the prepared wedding in Rome.

All necessary documents have been promptly arranged and a delicate and kind approach was the stroke in the hectic pre-wedding time.

We are very glad that she was our deepest support on this journey and we wish her only the best.

Patric and Lucy

wedding Patric and Lucy in Rome

It was wonderful! Simple wedding for both of us in the little old town was successful. It was exactly as we had expected.

And all that thanks to the perfect organization of Mrs. Eva Ludmila Srovnalíková. Not only that we had arranged all documents without difficulties but also at the place of the ceremony everything was ready. And the cheerful spirit of Mrs. Srovnalíková had dispersed even our pre-wedding nervousness.

We are grateful, our italian wedding was beautiful!