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Is it your dream to get married in Rome, the eternal city?

Then My Wedding in Rome is the right choice for you.

Don’t believe that your dream can't become a reality, because our wedding planner agency in Italy, based in Rome, has an extensive knowledge of the territory and has been making the dream of a Roman wedding come true for couples from all over the world for many years, giving them unforgettable memories.

History, traditions, culture and world renowned local cuisine are just some of the reasons why couples choose Italy and in particular Rome for their special day.

The city of Julius Cesar, of Popes and of the masterpieces of Michelangelo will welcome you on the most special day of your lives, because Rome is generous, mysterious, friendly but most of all romantic, and we will make your wedding simply perfect.

The mild climate, the atmosphere of the seven hills and the beautiful Tiber River will draw you to this magnificent city; scent, music and people are so charming that will leave you with no doubt about your decision.

Imagine your wedding lunch in a stunning ancient palace or dinner on a roof garden terrace overlooking the world famous monuments as they stand majestically amongst the subtle glow of the street lights; you will impress your guests with dishes created especially for you by some of Italy's most exclusive chefs, because the Italian cuisine is world renowned, very varied, creative and extraordinarily sensitive to traditions and quality.

Your wedding in Rome will be truly magical and the perfect place to say "yes"!

Where to get married in Rome

A wedding in Rome will be the most beautiful day of your life, and there are over 400 churches to seal your love or you may decide to use one of the city's municipalities while discreetly being observed by tourists from around the world.

Wherever you choose you will be sure to be welcomed into married life with cries of “auguri agli sposi” (best wishes to bride and groom!) from everyone on the streets, and it will be truly surreal as you wander through the small streets of the eternal city whilst your photographer catches the images that you will treasure for the rest of your lives.

Also Rome will remember you, your smiles, your tears of joy and it will be proud to be present at your ceremony like a discreet guest; the awesomeness and the atmospheres will stay with you for life and you wish to live again the emotions of that fantastic day.

Who had their wedding in Rome willingly come back to the eternal city so as to celebrate their anniversary, and the eternal city will welcome you every time you will, with its discretion and extraordinary naturalness, astonishing you with the beauty of Italy.