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Civil Weddings in Rome and Italy

Civil marriage in Italy is a non-religious ceremony celebrated by the Mayor or by his substitute, usually in the town hall or in a stunning villa or in a historic palace or medieval castle, or on the beach, or in other location approved by the governing authorities. It is recognized relegally worldwide, as the marriage document is registered internationally.

The civil ritual lasts for about 20-30 minutes and is celebrated in the presence of the couple and two witnesses above the age of 18, with friends and family who would like to attend.

By law, the reading of the civil wedding articles is in Italian, but we can also provide an official interpreter for other languages, according to the need of the newlyweds and their guests.

Our agency My wedding in Rome has selected the most lovely locations, not only in Rome and its surroundings, but also in famous places in neighboring regions like Tuscany, Umbria and the Amalfi Coast in Campania.

Italy is a country where art and natural beauty combine to create a magical and unique atmosphere to celebrate the civil marriage, and Rome is the major example of this.

Here below, we describe some of the locations that we propose for civil weddings in Rome and Italy, but we have lots of others customizable solutions.

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Sala Rossa

sala Rossa

The Sala Rossa is one of the first place where couples want celebrate their civil marriage in Rome, located in the Campidoglio palace, house of the Roman City Hall, in one of the most interesting architectural areas in Rome, designed by Michelangelo in the sixteenth century.

From this location you can enjoy a wonderful view, going down from Via dell'Arco di Settimio you can admire the Roman Forum.

The Sala Rossa (red room), so named for the red colour of upholstery and chairs, is located on the ground floor of the Town Hall and it is the ideal setting for a truly elegant wedding in the heart of Rome.

Civil weddings are possible only on Friday, Saturday (all day) and Sunday morning, so it is necessary to book the room with at least 4-5 months in advance.

Price from 1.392,00 Euro.

Santa Maria in Tempulo

Santa Maria in Tempulo

The curch of Santa Maria in Tempulo is a deconsecrated church owned by the Municipality of Rome, located in Via delle Camene and dating back to the sixth century.

The name of church has uncertain origins, a hypothesis is that the name derives from Tempulus, a Greek man exiled from Constantinople that, after a vision, would have carried a picture of the Virgin Mary in the church of St. Agatha, after named Santa Maria in Tempulo; other most reliable hypothesis is that the church and the monastery were built on the site of a Roman temple.

Full name of Santa Maria in Tempulo appears for the first time only in the year 1155, and in 1221 the nuns who lived in the monastery left the building and moved to San Sisto.

Civil weddings are celebrated every day except Tuesdays.

Price from 1.392,00 Euro.

Theodoli Castle

Theodoli Castle

Theodoli Castle is located in an ancient village of a thousand inhabitants, about 40 km from Rome, dating back to the eleventh century and with quadrilateral-shaped structure, whose rooms are decorated with frescoes by P.T. Salone and G.A. Canini.

Over the years the castle has followed the evolution of the historical events of this country becoming the property of several noble families. Only recently it became property of the Municipality of Rome, so it's opportunity to celebrate civil weddings in this facility.

The room where couples get married in a civil ceremony is on the second floor of the castle. There you can look out from the terrace and admire the 55,000 square meters of parkland with its Italian gardens, geometric beds, statues and antique fountains; this is the right frame for an unforgettable wedding

Price from 400 Euro.

Ancient Monastery

Ancient Monastery

The monastery is located in a lovely spa town perched on a hill in the valley of Aniene river, only 25 km east of Rome, famous throughout the world for its UNESCO heritage villas with magnificent terraced gardens and over 500 fountains of all sizes, both for its waterfalls.

Civil marriage is celebrated in the ancient monastery in San Bernardino room, elegant and refined with its red colours and ancient frescos, perfect for the wedding day if you are looking for an intimate ceremony away from the bustle of Rome.

A fantastic scenery beloved by couples for their photo shoot is surely an ancient villa of the sixteenth century, the most famous tourist attraction of this area.

Marriages are celebrated every day except during Easter and Christmas holidays.

Price from 300 Euro.

Medieval Castle

Medieval Castle

The medieval castle of the tenth century stands at the center of a small village in the hills, at an altitude of 200 meters, hidden from the surrounding hills and visible only from the Sabina side, typical characteristic of villages that in the Middle Ages had a strategic and defensive function.

This village is rich in history and art and has kept some events despite the passage of centuries.

The wedding can be celebrated inside the castle rooms or outdoors, on the castle tower, from where it is possible to admire the surrounding panorama.

Price from 400 Euro.

Beach wedding

Beach wedding

Italy is a country surrounded by the sea, with white sand, sweet sound of the waves and the sun setting on the horizon is the perfect scenery for an unforgettable wedding.

Many Italian Municipalities offer the opportunity to celebrate the civil ceremony on the beach with the presence of an authorized municipal official and several beach clubs have already adapted to this trend, offering their space for the wedding party a few kilometers from Rome.

The bride and groom may reach the altar by walking barefoot on the beach, or they can arrive from the sea on board of a boat surprising friends and family.

An area of the beach is reserved for the event and decorated with romantic canopies, big beds, white drapes, pillows and Balinese tables. At sunset you can enjoy a delicious aperitif or dinner on the beach by candlelight, lanterns and torches.

Our agency, My Wedding in Rome is able to organize the entire event by offering several choices to the couple, customizable according to their tastes and desires.

Cesi Castle

Cesi Castle

A short walk from Rome we find Cesi Castle, overlooking the old town, full of eight hundred years of history and Unesco heritage, a corner of culture, beauty and nobility that offers its visitors a breathtaking view.

The ceremony take place on top of castle tower, where you can enjoy a fabulos view of the entire surroundings, while the wedding party and catering can be done either inside, choosing between one of the beautiful frescoed rooms, very suggestive, or outside on the large terrace which offers a unique scenery, especially at sunset.

The castle is very large and is granted exclusively for every event, with the possibility to enrich the ceremony with poems and soft music according to the preferences of the couple.

Wedding in Tivoli

Wedding in Tivoli Villa D'Este

From January 2019 it will be possible to celebrate weddings and civil unions in Tivoli, a few km from Rome, inside the beautiful and famous Villa d'Este and Hadrian's Villa, Unesco heritage, and at Sanctuary of Ercole Vincitore.

Inside the Villas, some exclusive places have been selected where to say your "Yes" both outdoors for the beautiful season and indoor for weddings in winter.

This important novelty has been well described in one of our articles that indicates all the information to celebrate your civil ceremony in Tivoli, in locations known all over the world for their thousand-year history.

Price from 3.250 Euro. - Read more details about wedding in Tivoli.

Baroque villa with garden at Roman Castles

Wedding in Roman Castles

A few kilometers from Rome, in the area of the Roman Castles and near Albano Lake, there is a prestigious Baroque villa,in the past residence of cardinals and noble families, today used as a museum and event venue.

The ancient palace is surrounded by a large park of 28 hectares, romantic for its naturalistic and picturesque character, with important designs by Bernini and other artists.

In an area of this wonderful garden originally used for hunting, where there is the monument of Uccelliera, you can celebrate the outdoor civil wedding in any day of the year, arousing great emotion for the spouses and their guests.

Inside the palace there are several rooms full of frescoes and paintings of the Baroque age, including the Sala da pranzo d’estate where you can celebrate the civil wedding in case of bad weather.

Price from 800 Euro.



Umbria is a wonderful region on the border with Lazio, rich in many medieval villages and small towns which make perfect setting for a dream day, unforgettable for the newlyweds and all their guests.

One of the most requested city is Città della Pieve, a medieval town about 40 km from Perugia and 160 km from Rome, situated on a hill 500 meters above sea level that dominates much of Chiana Valley , famous for cultivation of saffron.

The main feature of this area is that houses were built to a good 50% with red bricks, making the landscape unique and particular, its historic center has often been chosen as a film set for numerous television films.



The Tuscan countryside is famous all over the world, ideal for marriage with an infinite variety of locations for all tastes; the couple may choose the preferred area among romantic castles, delicious medieval villages, ancient villas surrounded by greenery, luxury hotels and renowned restaurants in the heart of the cities.

Cortona, Montepulciano, Pienza are just some of the cities famous around the world for their beauty, history and culture, as well as for its excellent food and tasty wines.

Wedding in Tuscany is a unique and incredible experience that the newlyweds will always carry in their hearts, preciously preserving their fantastic memories.

Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is a popular and beloved location by many couples for their wedding day and honeymoon, the scenery is gorgeous with to the intense colours of the sea, the bays, the beauty of the coasts and the Mediterranean vegetation.

The particularity of this land and the love for cooking, art and history, the charm of its coasts and the mild and pleasant climate, are the right setting for a special day of your life like the wedding.

Among the most famous places, you can choose between Amalfi, Atrani, Positano, Praiano, Ravello and Vietri sul Mare, where each city has unique characteristics and traditions, making special each event.

Thanks to the deep knowledge of the area and the experience of our agency My Wedding in Rome, we promise you an unforgettable experience.