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About us

Eva Ludmila Srovnalíková wedding plannerMy name is Eva Ludmila Srovnalíková, I come from Morava (Czech Republic) and I have lived and worked in Rome since the year 1990 when I saw this aristocratic and romantic city for the first time, it was immediatly love and I realized that I want to spend the rest of my life here.

Rome fascinated me with its atmosphere making my life happier, colorful and interesting, and it is still so after so many years, so I think it would have the same effect on you!

In 2006 I became a journalist with acreditation and began working and writing for several Italian newspapers and magazines, being a very curious person, this work gave me the opportunity to deepen my knowledge of the city, frequenting various clubs and restaurants to enjoy the Italian cuisine.

From this experience, I had the idea to share my knowledge and skills with the Italian and international public, by writing and published three books in Italian and one in English "Ristoranti di Charme".

I am a bon ton expert with sense of elegance and charm, I am a reliable and conscientious person, I speak four languages, like travelling and painting, also have also had the opportunity to organize an exhibition to expose many of my art pieces and I often cooperate with Czech Embassy.

My passion for Italy and especially my love for Rome has allowed me better understanding of the concept of Italian and discover all benefits of the Eternal City, and thanks also to my experience in organizing different types of events, I could develop my business dream: the birth of the wedding agency "My Wedding in Rome".

I personally take care of all the wedding coordination, from A to Z, bringing in specialists when needed, so that the bride and groom can fully enjoy their celebration with happiness and without any problems.

The wedding planner is a professional figure in great demand especially in the United States and Europe, he take care to plan and arrange your wedding day into details, indispensable for those who want to make their wedding day truly unique, a remarkable and unforgettable experience.

My co-workers and me, we are always looking for new places and locations, so the couples can choose what suits them best, where they feel most comfortable and where they want celebrate the Big Day.

Every marriage is different one from another, the couple can choose to customize and we will make sure to prepare every aspect of this unique event in every detail according to your taste, wishes and financial possibilities. The organization of every event requires a lot of effort and I am very lucky because I love my job and I do everything well with enthusiasm and smile on my face.

Why choose just our agency "My Wedding in Rome"?

wedding planner at workMy wedding in Rome is the best choice, not only because of its reliability, quality and professionalism, but also for the kindness of its staff, warmth and fresh ideas, that clients appreciate.

Positive reviews from our customers are just some examples of the skills and professionalism of our top team that will not disappoint you, because it will work to the maximum so that you will love Rome and Italy, returning home full of new experiences and wonderful memories of your wedding.

After your arrival in Rome, we meet you personally and will take care that everything is exactly as you dreamed, so you will become the protagonists of your history, without stress or worry, and we will be your reliable friend, a professional and competent organizer that will try to understand your wishes and emphatically respond to them, accepting your needs with absolute discretion, and step by step will lead you to the altar.

And what is your mission?

You choose the date of your marriage in Rome or elsewhere in Italy and everything else leave up to us.

The difference between a pretty and a breathtaking wedding is in details.

Contact us, it costs nothing, we promise you will not regret, together we can make your dreams come true!