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Mystic Residence

Immersed in the green Umbrian hills not far from Città della Pieve, My Wedding in Rome has selected for you an ancient Mystic Residence, an evocative and exclusive place for your wedding in Umbria, a region rich in crypts, Romanesque churches and abbeys with monastic cells, settlement of the Benedictine monks and after of the Franciscans.

Spirituality has filled the life, the civilization, the history and the art of these places where the population has sought not only economic well-being, but also mystic serenity to give peace to the soul and to the body, enlivening existence.

The civil ceremony

The civil wedding will be celebrated in the historic center of Città della Pieve, a beautiful red brick town not far from Perugia and Trasimeno Lake, on the border between Umbria and Tuscany, scene of romantic TV dramas.

The civil ceremony takes place in one of the municipal buildings chosen among the following proposals:

  1. at the Fargna Palace, an eighteenth-century palace in Baroque style, today the Town Hall, precisely in the city council hall;
  2. at the Corgna Palace, an ancient papal residence, in particular in the Red Hall (Sala Rossa) or Large Hall (Sala Grande), both rich in ancient frescoes with mythological themes dating back year 1500 that will immerse you in the history of Renaissance.

Our wedding planner will take care of organizing the entire ceremony and arranging for the necessary paperwork, as required by Italian law.

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Accommodation and wedding venue

My Wedding in Rome has selected for the spouses and their guests an ancient Mystic Residence of year 1.300 where you can stay 2 nights full board and having the wedding lunch.

The Mystic Residence is a unique place, an secular hermitage surrounded by nature with its colors and lights, but at the same time you will enjoy intimate and essential luxury appreciated by many international tourists.

Rooms are based on the ancient model of the monastic cells of the hermits, without telephone and wi-fi, with essential dimensions and a French bed, a stone desk, a small bathroom with shower and underfloor heating.

You will find large common relax areas carved into the rock and a wellness area that includes whirlpools, steam baths, color therapy and herbal tea area.

To reach the Residence, you can arrive by car up to the parking area on the main road; here the road becomes impervious, so you will continue with private off-roads vehicles up to the structure, transfer included in our package.

The wedding lunch will be served in the old refectory in front of a large stone fireplace, where the cooks will prepare tasty traditional dishes using local products, to give you unique flavors and natural taste, following the vegetarian and vegan recipes of the monastic tradition of Umbria.

The wedding menu includes homemade pasta and bread, a vegan or vegetarian second course, a vegetable side dish, dessert and fresh fruit, wine from local farms.

mystic residence for wedding in Umbria

Flower bouquet and Photo shoot

Before the civil ceremony, our wedding planner will give the bride a colorful and fragrant flower bouquet made by expert flower designers in the preferred shape and in tone with the dress.

The photo shoot will start at the residence to capture the moments of your preparation, then during the ceremony and the wedding lunch at the Mystic Residence, a location that will offer you a dream background for your photos.

The photographic material will be delivered online in the agreed time frame.

Optional of Mystic Residence package

During your stay in Umbria, My Wedding in Rome offers you:

  1. Guided tour of Todi, Orvieto, Assisi, Spoleto, Foligno, Gubbio.
  2. Exclusive excursion to La Scarzuola, a rural town in the municipality of Montegabbione known as the city-theater as it was built by a Milan architect as a personal interpretation of the theme of the ideal city, and where there is an ancient convent that, according to tradition, was one of the houses of St. Francis of Assisi, patron of Italy.
  3. Rental of cars and minivans on the wedding day for transfers from the Mystic Residence to Città della Pieve and return.

If you want to customize this package with other services, please visit the extra services page.

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