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Luxury Villa in Rome

Rome is known as the city of thousand churches, over 900 are Catholic, the most important is the Basilica of St. Peter at Vatican, but there are also places of worship of other religions such as the synagogue, the mosque, Orthodox or Anglican church, etc.

The couples who choose the capital of Italy to crown their dream of love are thousands, people who decide to get married in Rome and celebrate the happy event with friends and relatives.

religious wedding in Santa Costanza Rome

The religious ceremony

Our wedding planner agency offers you the catholic ceremony at the Mausoleum of St. Costanza, one of the sacred places preferred by couples from all over the world to celebrate religious marriage, which is valid also for civil purposes.

During the ceremony, the couple will be at the center of the church, under the dome, while friends and relatives will sit on the benches along the circumference, under the colonnade, up to a maximum capacity of 130 people.

In front of the bride and groom there will be the lectern with microphone for readings, while the organ will accompany the live sacred songs, because music and recorded songs are not permitted.

By prior according with the wedding planner and upon request, we can setting up the church with floral decorations.

Luxury villa for your wedding venue

We offers you the wedding lunch at a luxury villa in the heart of Rome near Villa Borghese, a fabulous venue in an elegant and romantic setting.

This nineteenth-century villa is suitable for any time of the year, from the suggestion of the winter months with its magical lights, to the refinement of the warmer months when you can set up the banquet in the large garden.

The building has many rooms of different sizes developed on several floors, in addition to the terrace overlooking the capital and the garden that hosts up to a thousand people, suitable for weddings with a few guests or large parties with hundreds of friends and relatives.

My Wedding in Rome offers you the choice between various menus based on fish or meat, with welcome cocktail and buffet, two main courses such as Busiate with clams and zucchini or Trofie with pistachio pesto, aubergines and smoked provola; among the second courses of meat you will find the rack of lamb or, if you prefer the fish, the calamari soup with stew. Water and wine, coffee, dessert and wedding cake are always included.

On the tables you will find menu cards for your guests and a floral table centerpiece with the possibility to enrich the venue with complements and accessories as runner of flowers, spheres, boule, candelabra, vases with mirrors etc.

lunch villa luxury in Rome

Beauty and bouquet

On the wedding day, make-up and hairstyle are very important for the bride who will be the center of attention, admired by everyone and photographed, for this reason our wedding planner agency collaborates only with experts make-up artist and hair stylist.

My Wedding in Rome pays attention to details and knows how important it is for a bride that every accessory is in tune with the wedding theme, so the floral bouquet will be perfectly matched with the wedding dress in the preferred form and colours.

The wedding planner will deliver the bouquet directly to the bride at the hotel or other place planned for her preparation.

Photo shoot

The wedding photo shoot is very important because looking at photos you will relive the same emotions of that day, remembering some details and see what your guests were doing while you were engaged in something else or that you had escaped.

Our photographers will capture your expressions and your looks to impress them on the photos, with discretion and naturalness they will follow you throughout the day making a report of your wedding.

Our proposal includes online sharing of your photos within one month of the wedding date, so you will have a digital archive that you can see at any time.

Optional and at your choice, we can make a paper album or photo book with your favourite shots, in the agreed number of images and shipping by international courier.

The Luxury Villa in Rome package includes wedding planner service, processing of paperwork for the religious ceremony, reservation of the church, wedding dinner at the luxury villa, beauty and bouquet, photo shoot.

  1. Package for 80 people starting from euro 229,00 per person.
  2. Quotation on request for a different number of people.

Optional of the Luxury Villa package

Among the optional exclusive services, we propose the flight of white doves at the end of the ceremony, a stunning gift idea from friends to newlyweds.

If you prefer a different venue for your wedding in Rome, we can offer medieval castles, ancient luxury villas in the city center or in Via Appia Antica, modern luxury hotels with a large terrace overlooking the ethernal city, sea wedding on the beach and other.

If you want to customize this package with other services, please visit the extra services page.

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