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Why choose Italy for your wedding?

wedding in Italy

Italy is the most beautiful country in the world. It was written and said so much about Italy, but today I would like to speak about the reason why a couple should choosing Italy for their best day, from the point of view of a foreigner come from Northern Europe but Roman by adoption.

Italy is entered immediately into my skin and has transformed my life in an explosion of colors, just like when I paint my paintings.

We could imagine a painting that, starting from a light shade, turns into a rainbow without end. That's what Italy for me and that's what I would like to transmit and share with all my brides.

The climate in Italy

The sun and good weather are surely some of reasons that attract couples from around the world to get married in Italy.

The mild weather during most of the year allows you to celebrate your "Yes day" on the terraces of roof gardens, admiring the city rich in art and monuments, appreciated all over the world for centuries, and why not, to take part to a very special moment, like the wedding.

Also you can choose to get married in the gardens and picturesque parks of historic houses that can represent the location of a wedding in Italy, even in winter when you can wear open shoes, like one of my American brides who wore flip flops sandals in February, while local people were wearing heavy jackets.

Italian food and wine

When we speak about Italian cuisine, we think to scents and tastes without comparison.

Italian cuisine, rich in local culture in each city you visit, but with the introduction of an innovative and creative touch of the chef in every typical dish, is one of the fundamental points for tourists looking for traditional flavors and delights for the palate, which will long remain in the memory of the couple.

Italian foods are full of soul and body, expertly prepared by star chefs who never disappoint expectations and are always looking for new dishes to offer.

If Italian food is famous all over the world, where we can place Italian wine? Surely it is one of the best products in the world, highly appreciated and sought-after by many people: Italian wine is a guarantee.

The vineyards stretch across the peninsula, from north to south, and tell us about the soul, the tradition and the wealth of the people who work them and that produce the grape nectar.

Art and history of Italy

I believe that there is no other country in the world that can boast of so much history as Italy.

From north to south, from east to west, in every corner of Italy we are immersed in ancient history, with cities full of art such as Rome, Florence and Venice, but the country is also rich in lakes, mountains, sea and campaigns, such as those in Tuscany and Umbria where you can admire wonderful landscapes.

Each location is full of ancient villas, historic homes, palaces and castles that enclose all their history and that excite visitors and spouses.

As Oscar Wilde said, "The secret of life is never to have an emotion that is unbecoming."

The history of Italy is so rich because it has also been the birthplace of great personalities, musicians like Vivaldi, Puccini, Paganini, but also artists such as Michelangelo, Tiziano and Caravaggio.

When I see my excited brides in front of these beauties, I get emotional with them for the umpteenth time and I relive the same and unique vibrations that I lived during my wedding day.

Organise your wedding in Italy is like living a small inner rebirth, a memory of what you have never lived, a mystery tied to the nostalgic path of human soul.

Italian people and art professions

profession italian wedding

Italians have gentle soul, are very smiling and always available, and will be ready to wish you much happiness for your wedding.

People present at your wedding will see you very much in love and will be part of your event even for a few moments, they will make you lots of photos and they will want to be photographed with you.

Spouses are often very surprised by this behavior, because in their countries are not used to these sincere demonstrations. The beauty of emotions is that they are affordable for everyone.

Italy is a very special country and the right place to celebrate your wedding, thanks also to the professionals who participate in the preparation of your event.

The skill of Italian famous designers appreciated in the world and the use of top quality materials which are almost exclusively produced and manufactured with brand made in Italy, will make your dress unquestionably fascinating.

Photographers, musicians, flower designer, wedding planner, hair and makeup stylist are the people who will make every effort to give you an unforgettable day.

Italy is full of experienced professionals who study and are daily updated to provide the best services to the newlyweds on their wedding day, so that everything will be unforgettable.

Their work built and created for you will be the dream of your life, that will remain engraved forever in your minds!