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Nature inspired weddings for bride 2017-2018

wedding nature

Organize your wedding is not easy, then many couples seek information and useful suggestions on Internet, blogs and forums, or choose to contact a wedding planner who, thanks to his or her experience and professionalism, can advise them on various topics, including the theme of marriage and how to make it unique with new and customized ideas.

Once you decided the style you want to give to marriage and the period in which you would like to marry, of course you must choose a location available for the banquet, in the same theme of your wedding.

Among many themes chosen by the couple, there are Vintage weddings, Bohemian, or inspired to a specific historical era, but this year more and more couples choose a green wedding, in the nature or in a forest, and eco-friendly, with the simplicity of a refined and unique event.

What should a bride who chooses the nature-theme?

The choice of the location in the nature

wedding locationCouples who choose the theme of nature for their best day want an outdoors wedding, it is indifferent whether on the sea, on mountains or in the countryside.

The beach wedding is perfect for who loves the sea, that wants to feel your feet sinking into the sand and celebrate the event with the gentle sound of waves breaking on the shore, with the scent of the sea and salt air.

If you like meadows and woods, the perfect choice is right in the green, in a location that remembers the colors of leaves and fruits, such as a forest or a vineyard, an olive grove, a winery and more.

If the couple has few guests, the wedding banquet might also takes place in the garden of their house, in a truly exclusive setting.

Whatever the choice, My Wedding in Rome will advise you on how to customize the event location with beautiful decorations appropriate to the event, in the tastes of spouses, both the ceremony takes place during the day or at sunset.

As everyone knows, Italy is a country almost always with the sun, but despite the saying "wet bride, lucky bride", surely you don't want that a possible rain ruins your dream day, so it is important to have an alternative plan.

To solve this problem at the last minute, you can rent a beautiful structure tends, in order to offer your guests a shelter in case of rain, making the setting very nice with a charming atmosphere.

Near Rome there are beautiful places to suit all tastes, from the sea to the mountains, in the countryside and in beautiful villages, suitable all the year and for every need.

From Bracciano Lake to Roman Castles, through the Lazio coast, the agency My Wedding in Rome has outside locations in touch with nature to celebrate your wedding and spend an unforgettable day.

The choice of a green wedding banquet

wedding banquetThe nature bride is very careful to food and prefers a meal prepared with local products, in addition to being at zero km, they can be vegetarian or even vegan.

Among the foods chosen in Italy, certainly the first course is pasta, appreciated and known all over the world, maybe homemade and served with local vegetables and spices, in any case, the famous Italian chefs know how to make delicious culinary masterpieces.

The second dish can be meat or fish, depending on the area where the banquet takes place, on the mountains or at the sea, and for vegetarians or vegans you can opt for vegetables and legumes prepared in different ways.

The dessert is surely the most delicious dish, so the couple will choose the wedding cake in their favorite tastes and in the wedding theme.

Beverages are an important choice, especially for wines and sparkling wines, opting for a local and organic production in which every detail is taken care with attention for an excellent quality, for this the Italian wine is beloved around the world.

All these attentions are not just a fad, but a way of life chosen by many couples who love and respect the nature, including food.

My Wedding in Rome will be happy to assist the couple in the choice of menus, according to their tastes.

The bride's dress

bride dressThe choice of bride's dress is a priority aspect of the wedding, but how to find the right one for each?

You often spend hours, days and weeks between fashion houses, atelier and shops, more or less provided, but don't find anything appropriate to the event; then suddenly you remember an old photo, your mother's wedding dress that can be revisited with a veil or some rhinestones more, and that could be the right dress of the bride-nature.

If the choice is for a modern style, special attention will be paid to tissues preferring natural materials and a simple but elegant style, combining themed accessories and a bouquet with the same colors chosen for your wedding.

Another solution which is often used abroad and for some time even in some ateliers in Italy and especially in Rome, is the dress rental both for the bride and the groom.

Before choosing the dress rental for the wedding, it is important to check the imposed conditions that are often restrictive and require deposits, not allowing modifications or customizations of any kind.

So first you have to find the right size that often doesn't fit perfectly to all and that will certainly allow a large cost savings to the couple.

Eco-friendly Favors

wedding strawberryThe choice of wedding favors is also aware, where the bride and groom may choose to give its guests some typical local products, the bride can prepare them alone or with the help of her mother and some friends, or you can buy from local farms specialized in the production of what you want.

Among the best known and appreciated Italian products in the world, you can opt for delicious jams, wildflower and acacia honey, olive oil, organic wine bottles with personalized labels, or spices and herbs.

Alternatively you can choose a lavender plant, a bonsai, fat plants, or other in line with nature theme.

Many spouses decide to make solidarity wedding favors, namely small economic gifts to be donated to charities and no-profit organizations, that contribute to social causes in favor of children, orphans, sick persons, or for the the development of territory and areas affected by natural disasters.

In this case, it should pay attention and be informed in advance about what percentage of your offer is really donated.

As you might guess, the choice of a nature wedding can be not only cheaper, but also more ecologic while respecting the planet.

My Wedding in Rome is always attentive to these values and offers exclusive weddings, always respecting wishes and tastes of the bride and groom.