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Jewish wedding in Rome

Jewish wedding in RomeRome has always been a very popular and sought-after destination for the celebration of Jewish marriage of couples from many countries in the world.

For several years our agency has been involved in organizing Jewish weddings in the Italian capital, with particular attention to respect for Jewish traditions and customs, which we know are very important for the devotees of this religion.

Among our strengths in this area, in our staff we have Jewish wedding planners who, as such, are experts in the organization of weddings for Jewish couples.

The Great Synagogue of Rome

The Eternal City is known for hosting the oldest Jewish community and for this there are several synagogues, including the Great Synagogue, considered one of the most fascinating in the world thanks to the eclectic architecture that distinguishes it and its magnificence.

For couples who choose to get married with a Jewish rite, we propose the celebration at the Great Synagogue of Rome which, in addition to being a place of prayer, represents a fundamental cultural point of reference for the community.

The Great Synagogue is located on the Lungotevere de' Cenci, opposite the Tiber Island and adjacent to the neighborhood known as "Jewish ghetto", easily reachable both by the spouses who can arrive with an elegant modern or vintage car and their guests,for whom we can arrange a bus so as to reduce the inconvenience of parking that, as is known, in Rome are not easily found.

Jewish customs before the wedding

Jewish customs weddingOur agency My Wedding in Rome is very attentive to the respect of Jewish customs, for this reason our staff will organize the requested and agreed with bride and groom also for the days before wedding.

If requested, our wedding planner will accompany the couple to one of the trusted jewelers, in the historic center of Rome, for the purchase of wedding rings.

In the same way we can help bride and groom in choosing wedding dresses, recommending some specialized ateliers in Rome.

We will take care of the reservation of the synagogue for the shabbat chatan, the rite that takes place on the Saturday preceding (or following) wedding celebrations, during which the groom is called to recite publicly in the synagogue some ritual blessings on the Torah (Old Testament).

The shabbat chatan serves to announce to the community the imminent wedding when it takes place on the Saturday preceding the latter, or to exalt the newlywed couple when it takes place on the Saturday following it: in any case it is a way to congratulate, recognize and share the joy of marriage.

Our staff will also take care to organize the kiddush for the newlyweds and their guests, the meal that is normally held at the end of the Saturday morning service in the synagogue, on the occasion of which the groom reads the above-mentioned blessings.

The day before the wedding, the bride will be able to take the purifying ritual bath called Tevilà, immersing herself in a water tank called mikvè,to symbolize her rebirth to the new marriage life.

Soon after the celebrations will follow with close female friends and relatives, with music and sweets, at the chosen location and agreed with the bride.

The booking of hotel in Rome for the stay of the spouses and their guests is part of our offer for the organization of the event, as well as the choice of the venue for celebrations.

The celebration of the chuppah

The religious celebration of Jewish marriage in the synagogue is very widespread among Jewish couples and, as the spouses already know, the first rule of Jewish marriage is that both spouses profess the same creed, unlike if one of the two is of another religion, he/she will have to convert first.

The celebration can take place throughout the year, except on Shabbat, meaning from sunset on Friday to sunset on Saturday, and during various religious holidays such as Passover or in periods such as omer and the three weeks before tisha beav fasting.

The entire ritual takes on a solemn and exciting taste at the same time, being very ancient and rich in customs and symbolism.

As usual, the chuppah, the wedding canopy under which there will be the spouses, will be decorated; the bride will wear a strictly white dress, as required by the rule, while the groom will wear a tallìt.

During the celebration of the chuppah, it’s previewed the reading of the Ketubah, a marriage contract containing the rights and duties between the spouses during their marriage life, in particular the duties of husband towards his wife, including the obligation to pay her a defined amount of money in the event of divorce.

The contract will be signed by the groom and witnesses, and then handed over to the bride’s mother.

During the rite, the groom will put a ring on his bride’s finger to symbolize the eternal love that will bind the couple and the protection that the wife will receive from her husband.

The wedding reception

celebration Jewish weddingAfter the celebration of the chuppah, there comes a time when the newlyweds can finally celebrate the most beautiful day of their life together with friends and relatives, with the wedding reception.

Our agency My Wedding in Rome collaborates with different locations for weddings in Rome that can accommodate many guests, you can choose between villas and luxury hotels both in the center and in the areas surrounding the capital.

Menu will be chosen by the couple, according to their tastes and preferences, with the possibility of typical menu and traditional Judaeo-Roman dishes.

There will be music and dancing, including the dance of the Hora, a typical dance in which bride and groom are hoisted on chairs and in time of music carried around, while holding edges of the same tissue.

Our agency My Wedding in Rome offers the bride and groom their experience and professionalism for the organization of the Jewish wedding with care and dedication, respecting tradition.

Our collaborators, including some of Jewish religion, will give you the right support throughout the planning of the event and guide you to the realization of your dream.

If you want to organize your Jewish wedding in Rome, we invite you to write us by email or through the contact form.