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Gay Wedding - Civil Union in Italy

gay wedding

Gay wedding in Italy is represented by the civil union between two men or two women, over 18 years and without any kinship constraints, who choose to legalize their love and legal status with a civil ceremony.

The civil union has only recently been introduced in Italy and is governed by Law n. 76 of May 20th 2016 and from this moment on, our country becomes the 27th European country that legally recognizes gay couples and regulates cohabitation outside of marriage.

Civil Unions

Civil unions don't require publications before the ceremony, as it is compulsory for marriages, so there is no possibility of opposition from other persons.

The couple must make a statement to the Civil Status Officer in the presence of two witnesses, without having to recite specific formulas, but with the possibility of exchanging personal promises to each other.

The Civil Status Officer will be responsible for compiling a certificate that will include the master data of both the couple and the witnesses, the chosen residence, their property regime and the common surname.

The tendency to gay wedding

gay civil unions in Italy

The gay wedding will be as engaging as a real marriage between a man and a woman, each with their own dreams and desires and with the excitement of a unique and unforgettable day.

The theme of this special day must reflect the spouses and their love, the path of life together and their relationship over time.

Gay couples always have many original ideas for their marriage and the most popular theme currently being the rainbow theme, a symbol of gay movement, where colors will be repeated throughout all the event, from wedding invitation cards to menus for tables, decorations and wedding cake, cake topper with two men or two women which are helding by hand.

When choosing dresses, they usually have very clear ideas, the goal is to be beautiful together by opting for the same dress for both, same shoes and hairstyles, or customizing each dress according to their own desires but similar in color and style, for example men can choose adherent grey pants and black braces under their jacket, while women prefer white dress with siren line or empire style.

Even in choosing flowers, gay people are very careful with particular attention to colors and the meaning of each flower used for decorations and bouquets.

Usually they wish to immortalize their love with a funny gesture, like a rainbow painting or colorful hand prints of the newlyweds and their friends on a canvas, without forgetting their photoshoot and video memory of their special day.

Musical entertainment and group dances represent the right animation for this event, often with live bands associated with a burlesque show to liven up wedding dining.

Even in the choice of wedding favors, the greater sensibility of gays is highlighted with the search for solidarity favors, perhaps with a donation to charities for the defense of their rights.

Last choice, but not least, is the gay-friendly honeymoon destination, where the goal could be a stunning city like our beloved Rome, or far away as Barcelona or New York, also a European seaside resort such as Ibiza in Spain and Mykonos in Greece, in each case a desired place from both spouses for a perfect journey of love, with interesting museums to visit, fashionable venues where they have fun in the evening, beautiful parks or beaches where they can spend romantic moments together.

Italy Destination Wedding

Rome is rich in locations where you can celebrate a civil union, choosing among the wonderful terraces of the capital, ancient palaces or fairytale castles, and few minutes from the city center there is the sea with beautiful biches where to exchange your promises.

More and more, gay couples wish to celebrate their outdoor event, in contact with nature and especially in romantic places where the colors of the season are the perfect framework, not only in the capital, but also at the sea or countryside, in other suggestive places in Italy such as Ravello or Positano on the Amalfi Coast, Siena and Florence or in the green hills of Chianti in Tuscany, or perhaps in Umbria with its famous medieval villages of Gubbio, Spello, Todi, etc.

When deciding on the details of this fantastic day, some couples prefer an intimate ceremony with few friends and relatives, while others want to share it with many guests, in both cases it is important to entrust yourself to a wedding planner experted in gay wedding that will organize the event with professionalism and taking care of everything in the smallest details so that the wishes of the spouses are fulfilled.

The wedding agency My Wedding in Rome is also specialized in gay wedding arrangements and will be happy to advise couples to realize their dream.