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Covid-free rules for weddings in Italy

Covid-free rules for weddings in ItalyAfter a long period of stand-by in the wedding sector and numerous postponements due to the restrictions for the Covid-19 pandemic, the situation is finally starting to improve with the decrease in infections and deaths, certainly in part thanks to the important vaccination campaign all over Italy.

June 15th, 2021 represents a new beginning for couples who will be able to return to fulfill their dream of getting married in Italy and celebrating with their loved ones, but in compliance with new rules for the safety of all.

The Council of Ministers, by the Law Decree no. 65 of May 18th, 2021, Art. 9 paragraph 2, has in fact established that from this date, in the yellow zone, the parties consequent to civil or religious ceremonies are allowed, even indoors, in compliance with protocols and guidelines suitable for preventing or reduce the risk of contagion, provided that participants have a Green Pass.

In addition to the possession of the Green Pass, the rules to be respected to participate in the wedding include the use of personal protective equipment and compliance with the safety protocols established in particular about hygiene and spacing.

For those who have completed the vaccination cycle outside Italy, they must know that in our country not all vaccines are recognized for the purpose of issuing the Green Pass.

The complete list of recognized vaccines is available in the Circular of the Ministry of Health of September 23rd, 2021.

Green Pass

green passThe Green Pass (Green Certificate) represents a fundamental personal certification for everyday life in the time of Covid.

The Green Pass certifies the successful vaccination against SARS-CoV-2 or recovery from the infection, or the carrying out within 48 hours of a molecular or rapid test with a negative result for the virus, as described by the Law Decree no. 52 of April 22nd, 2021, Art. 9.

From January 10th, 2022 until the end of the state of emergency, to access hotels and accommodation facilities, restaurant ad other catering services, means of transport, to participate in parties resulting from civil or religious ceremonies, people need to have the Super Green Pass, which it can be obtained with the completion of the vaccination cycle and recovery from the virus, thus excluding the alternative of a negative swab test.

From February 1st, 2022 the duration of the Super Green Pass post-vaccination with booster dose or recovery from the virus is reduced from 9 to 6 months.

For those who have completed the vaccination cycle outside Italy, they must know that in our country not all vaccines are recognized for the purpose of issuing the Green Pass.

The complete list of recognized vaccines is available in the Circular of the Ministry of Health of September 23rd, 2021.

Personal protective equipment

The face mask to cover nose and mouth represents the main personal protective equipment (PPE) in use for over a year now all over the world and in our country since March 2020 when the virus arrived and spread.

Wearing the face mask correctly is mandatory both during the civil or religious ceremony, and during the wedding party in the location when you get up from the table.

The rule of wearing a face mask applies not only to the newlyweds and their guests, but also to the wedding sector workers present at the event such as waiters, photographers, videomakers and musicians.

When we were children, none of us would have ever imagined getting married wearing a face mask, but currently it is absolutely necessary to protect each other.

There are different types, colors and models, ranging from surgical one to FFP2, but now even those in fabric with the most varied patterns and often combined with the outfit are very popular.

For the wedding day the face masks will become an accessory and the bride and groom can have them personalized, made with themed patterned prints or with pearls, lace and embroidery according to their tastes and combined with the dress, for this reason the bridal ateliers have already been organized to offer a wide choice to couples, but not only!

A very nice idea is also to provide your guests face masks all the same or themed for the event, or with prints showing the names of the spouses and the wedding date, so as to make every photo more enjoyable.

Very elegant and cute are also the cover-masks that are made of all colors and materials, they are used on top of the FFP2 to add a touch of originality and color to the protection.

Whatever your choice, the important thing is to wear personal protective equipment correctly for your own protection and that of others.

Security protocols

Among the safety protocols and guidelines to follow to participate in the covid-free wedding, we find the respect of hygiene and behavioral measures that everyone now knows as the constant hand sanitation with hydroalcoholic solutions and the respect of interpersonal distancing in the Church, in the Town Hall or other location chosen to celebrate the wedding ceremony, but also afterwards at the restaurant and during the party.

For each location, a maximum number of people who can access it is fixed, which varies according to the size of the same, however able to guarantee the minimum distance set by the Government guidelines, a correct air exchange and the sanitization before each event.

Based on the number of guests, My Wedding in Rome will offer you only locations and restaurants with the right capacity.

During the banquet, the space between the tables must be at least 2 meters, preferably 2.5 meters, and where possible, outdoor spaces should be preferred, especially in summer.

In this regard, it is advisable as a rule to assign a table for each family unit, so that guests can enjoy the day serene and relaxed, reducing the risk of contagion, facilitating everything with the use of name placeholders, so that each seat will remain fixed.

It is no longer possible to choose the self-service buffet both to avoid gatherings and because guests cannot touch the food, instead single-dose self-service, buffet served by waiters, show-cooking and the classic and always appreciated table service are allowed.

The wedding favors, a gift from the spouses to their friends and relatives present at the wedding, will be delivered to the guests by the staff or by the spouses, with frequent hand sanitation.

Finally, the list of guests present at the wedding must be kept for at least 14 days to allow the tracing of the infections if any of those will be positive for the virus shortly after the event.

Music and dance

A must for every wedding day is the live music, both during the religious ceremony in the church and in the location chosen for the party.

According to the new safety protocols, the rule provides that musicians can play live respecting a distance of at least 3 meters from the guests, avoiding the exchange of the same microphone between different people.

If the groom wants to dedicate a song to his new bride, he can do it using a dedicated microphone, not used by others.

Guests can dance with due prudence and foresight only with their partner and avoiding the exchange of couples, respecting the distance with others and preferring outdoor spaces.

Covid Manager

Not mandatory but strongly recommended is the figure of the Covid Manager, that is a person who supports the wedding planner to take care of compliance with the safety protocols: checking the guests list and the green passes of each, measuring of the temperature all people before entering the restaurant, distribution of guests to the tables and keeping the guest register.

The Covid Manager can be chosen by the owner of the restaurant where the lunch and the wedding party takes place or by our agency My Wedding in Rome.

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